The Quality Craft Difference

We combine the economy and efficiency of modular cabinetry with the beauty and personalization of custom cabinetry. At Quality Craft we are able to offer fine custom cabinets at the prices you normally expect from cheaply made over the counter modular cabinets from the big box stores. By combining aspects of modular cabinetry such as standard size frames and doors with custom frames and doors where needed, we can create a very economical custom design for your home. The result is a high quality custom kitchen at a comparable price to the cheaper modular cabinets. Our bids are rarely beaten for cabinets of the same quality, and we’ve been able to beat some bids by as much as 50% or more! Select from glazes, paints, door styles, finishes, beautiful hardwoods, accessories, and more.

Base cabinets with a gray glaze and floating shelves

Quality Craft Custom Automation

Quality Craft Wood Works has some of the most sophisticated machinery in the Western United States. We have automated finishing machines, computer controlled CNC routers, automated saws, and the latest safety technology. The automated finishing machines not only diminish waste, but also ensure a perfectly uniform finish on all areas of the finished piece. Our computer controlled routers ensure a perfect fit and strong joints. By using automated cutting machines our craftsmen are able to cut out jobs quickly as well as diminish wood waste. By becoming more efficient in these areas we can spend more time in detailed and particular work while bringing costs down. And that saves you money!

Lean Manufacturing

We know that getting your cabinets when you need them is important. That’s why we’ve spent the last several years redefining our production process in order to create faster lead times. So, what is Lean Manufacturing? Lean Manufacturing is all about eliminating waste in order to generate efficient production. We are working hard to create a culture where everyone is involved in creating improvements, small and large, in order to create the best product available as quickly as possible.

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Using CNC automated router technology, we can make many custom wood products that otherwise could not be done at the lower costs we offer. This technology helps us design and create wood products such as signs, displays, furniture, and much more with precision and quality that just can’t be matched using the old hand tools and jigs.